Asset Transfer - Want to manage an area of land/building?

What is an asset transfer?

At its simplest level, asset transfer is a shift in management and / or ownership of land or buildings, from public bodies, (most commonly local authorities), to communities, (community and voluntary sector groups, community enterprises, social enterprises, etc).

The Council (via it’s Corporate Asset Transfer Strategy) supports a strong and sustainable Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) as a key partner in the delivery of services and in providing a link with local communities. It recognizes that the VCS has a vital role to play in delivering Vision 2030 and the Gateshead Agreement, and is committed to the successful implementation of the Gateshead Community Development Strategy.

The Council recognizes that the way its physical assets are managed can have a positive impact on the long-term strength of the VCS and local communities more generally. Through asset ownership, VCS organizations can grow and become more secure, gaining access to sources of additional investment that the Council itself may not be able to access. The Council’s aim is to ensure that the way assets are managed strongly underpins wider corporate aims and where appropriate, will use asset transfer as a means of enabling VCS organizations to become sustainable on a long-term basis. To be successful, asset transfer requires a long-term partnership approach on the part of the Council and the receiving VCS organization. Our policy approach sets out how the Council supports this objective.

Organisations would be supported through the asset transfer process by officers within the Council to determine suitability, and if such as process would meet service and/or strategic objectives set out by the Council.

The following criteria would need to be applied for sports clubs in order to ascertain the appropriateness of an asset transfer, and which take into account the quality of the club, aligned to its long term development objectives and sustainability.

Recommended criteria for lease of sport sites to clubs/organisations

Club Sites
  • Clubs should have Clubmark/FA Charter Standard or equivalent accreditation award.
  • Clubs commit to meeting demonstrable local demand and show pro-active commitment to developing school-club links where appropriate.
  • Clubs are sustainable, both in a financial sense and via their internal structures in relation to recruitment and retention policy for both players and volunteers.
  • Ideally, clubs should have already identified (and received an agreement in principle) any match funding required for initial capital investment identified.
  • Clubs have processes in place to ensure capacity to maintain sites to the existing standards.
  • As a priority, sites should require capital investment to improve (which can be attributed to the presence of a Clubmark/Charter Standard club)
  • Sites should be leased with the intention that investment can be sourced to contribute towards improvement of the site.


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